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About us

Started on 1974 by Mr. Kumbhat. The company started of with the Industrial, Commercial and Domestic type of luminaires under the brand name

Subsequently the range got expanded to other type of luminaires such as Energy saving CFL, Accent, Tracks etc., in tune with the current development in the lighting field equating with International levels maintaining high quality standards
has a wide range of luminaires, to suit varied requirements in Outdoor Illumination.

The CFL range is Energy efficient and economical to suit any purse and provide enormous saving in energy and making possible huge cut in electricity bills in the long run.

Products under the brand name of
are manufactured under rigid  quality control with out compromising on anything as we know very well that a lighting fixture is not a mere metal enclosure with lamp which emits light.

range of lighting fittings are scientifically and aesthetically designed for the better distribution of light to achieve optimum illumination   levels.

products have the wide patronage of various Government departments, Under takings, Public sector units and corporate Institutions.

is also associated with some of the major projects being serviced through renowned turnkey contractors.

The mirror optics range with high purity mirror polish reflectors covers varied types of luminaires viz antiglare, Dark lighters meant for specialty applications in Computer rooms, Designer show rooms etc.,

At we have a continual process of upgrading the quality and applications of our product range.

After all it is a small wonder that just after completing the Silver Jubilee we have traversed a long way in bringing the best products in the field of lighting which is a very vast one.

With nobody is left in the dark as
is the Key to Light & Success

Our Product List

Energy efficient CFL, PLL & T-5 Luminaires

Energy efficient Down lighters

Accent / Architectural

Luminaires for industrial applications

Commercial, Decorative and Domestic fluorescent luminaires

Public/ Street Lighting: Fluorescent, Mercury Vapour,
Sodium Vapour and Metal Halide

Environmental, Garden, Bollard Post top gate light luminaires

Open area, Flood Lighting

Luminaires for hoarding and Petrol filling Stations

Emergency Lamp

Currency Detective

Under water swimming pool luminaires

Ultra Violet Luminaires

Aviation Obstruction Light fittings

Water purification

Luminaires for Hotels, Hospitals and Lawns

Bulkhead Fittings

Flame proof fittings for use in hazardous location

Fancy Fittings

Table Lamps, Inspection Machine Flexible Lamp

All the luminaires can be supplied with their associated Lamps viz CFL, Fluorescent, Mercury Vapour, Sodium Vapour, Metal Halide, Halogen, Ultra Violet and Medical Lamps etc.

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Flood Light

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Fancy Fittings